The Alaska Woodturners Association is committed to the advancement of woodturning, by helping all who wish to learn to create items by the use of a wood lathe.

Welcome to the Alaska Woodturners Association

Located in Anchorage, Alaska, the Alaska Woodturners Association (AWA) is the largest organization devoted to woodturning in the state. Since our inception in 2003, we have met to share knowledge of various woodturning techniques and we have grown from just 8 founding members, to over 130 members. We have members with a range of skill levels from the true novice to master turners. Our members are from all over the state of Alaska including Juneau, Nikiski, Homer, Cooper Landing, Palmer, Wasilla, Barrow, Healy, North Pole, Kodiak, Fairbanks, and Anchorage. We have worked to create a culture of inclusion for all of our turners and our meetings, demonstrations, and gatherings have something of interest to everyone. If you’re looking around and would like to come in from out of town, our members are open to sharing their space with you and we always have a spare room to accommodate the “out of town” guests who would like to attend particular events.

The Alaska Woodturners Association is a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners, which was established exclusively for…
  • charitable, educational, artistic and scientific purposes,
  • to provide assistance and encouragement to woodturners,
  • to share ideas, techniques, tools, tool design, wood, and equipment,
  • to provide a place for woodturners to meet.

Since establishment of AWA is predicated on teaching, sharing, and camaraderie, we have instituted classes to teach basic woodturning, safety, tool sharpening, and pen turning. Our classes are exclusively for our members. If you’re interested in joining the AWA, please check out our Membership Options.

We look forward each year to demonstrate woodturning in our communities at the Artistry In Wood event held late February to early March, and the entire duration of the Alaska State Fair held in Palmer, Alaska from the end of August to early September. (Please check back to see if these events are being held.)

Learn More About the AWA


The AWA is a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners and was established for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, to provide assistance and encouragement to woodturners, to share ideas, techniques, tools, tool design, wood, and equipment; and to provide a place for woodturners to meet.


The AWA is a membership based organization. Our members enjoy camaraderie, woodturning classes, woodturning demonstrations, opportunities to share ideas and techniques, access to lending libraries, various discounts, and volume purchase discounts.


The Alaska Woodturners Association holds a monthly meeting for the purpose of conducting club business and presenting a demonstration.


Held exclusively for our members, we host numerous classes throughout the year. Students must be a current member-in-good-standing to take the classes. When a woodturner has completed the Beginning Woodturning and 301-302 Woodturning classes, they are able to enroll in the hands-on classes with the master turners in January. To learn more about those classes, please visit our Upcoming Classes.


This is our One-Stop-Shop that lists some very useful woodturning links. The AWA does not specifically endorse any of these providers, except Hardware Specialties, we highly endorse and recommend them. These links are provided to the general public for your convenience.


Open exclusively to our members, we offer a large video library with over 125 full-length demonstrations that show over 30 of our members making various items. Hundreds of hours of instruction at your fingertips. To view these videos, simply complete our Membership Application and you’ll gain complete access.

Reasons to Join AWA

We Got The Tools

Our experienced members bring the most woodturning knowledge in the state to a meeting.

Years of Experience

Our members collectively have nearly a thousand years of woodturning experience that they bring to the table and happily share that with others.

Reasonable Membership Fee

At an annual fee of $6o each year, our members are able to get their value many times over.

Valuable Classes

Each year we provide a number of woodturning courses, available only to members, that help to teach and advise on new skills and items.

Donate to AWA

Your contribution to our organization is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to bring education regarding woodturning to our community.

Great Support

Many of our members act as mentors to guide younger members as they hone the art of woodturning. Simply ask for help and it’s always there.

Community Partners