AWA Symposium Virtual Turning Class Outline

The Outline to the class is as follows:

  1. Topic: Turning, embellishing, and finishing a 12” platter with John Lane
  2. Cost: $30 for each participant (includes all 3 class sessions). A 12” by 12” by 2” cherry blank is available for pick up at Glass, Sash & Door for an extra $10. Or you can supply your own blank.
  3. Class size will be limited to 12 participants. This will allow enough time for all participants to participate in the discussions and the show and tell portion.
  4. We will meet on Zoom once a week for 3 weeks beginning Tuesday, April 13, 2021 (could extend to 4 weeks if there is interest)
  5. Class dates: Tuesday, April 13th, April 20th, and April 27th.
  6. All classes will start at 6:00 PM Alaska time and run approximately 2 hours.
  7. Day 1: I will discuss material selection, preparing the blank options (using a bandsaw, chop saw, or chain saw), and using a screw chuck or faceplate to prepare a tenon or recess to hold your piece. I will then demo turning the platter. Participants will then turn their own platter at their own pace before start of Day 2. Before ending Day 1 participants will then determine what type of embellishments they would like to see (can be more than one type) for Day 2. Participants can choose between pyrography, carving, air brushing, painted rim with/without a rain drop illusion, or basket weave illusion.
  8. Day 2: We will start with a discussion on what went well or not so well and then have a show and tell session. We will then have a more in-depth discussion on embarrassments followed by a demo of the chosen types. However, I will try to demo as many different types as time permits. Participants will then embellish their own platter prior to Day 3 (participants can choose type of embellishment to use and does not have to be one I demo).
  9. Day 3:  Again, we will start with a discussion on what went well or not so well followed by a show and tell session. We will then have a discussion on the many types of finish’s that are available. For this session I may invite one or two other guests to have a panel discussion on types of finishes to use and how to apply them.