Alaska Woodturners Association at the Alaska State Fair
August 24 - September 4, 2017

A Day at the Fair

Every year at the Alaska State Fair, various turners in the Alaska Woodturners Association demonstrate the art of wood turning.  During this time,  the volunteer turners turn all sorts of items such as weed pots, bottle stoppers, small bowls, spinning tops and an assortment of other items.  Most of these items are then given away to fair goers from the small child to the Senior Citizen.

Thousands of people within our communities will enjoy the woodturning demonstrations we provide. This is an excellent opportunity to educate our community about the art of woodturning and inspire others.

From novice turner to professional turner, Alaska Woodturners Association needs members to sign up as volunteers for this year's event. It's a great way to practice and or/share your skills with others. This is a really fun event as our community absolutely loves to watch us turn. Volunteers must be a current member of the American Association of Woodturners in addition to being a member of AWA, in order for our insurance to cover you.

Wood will be available to turn bowl blanks for the Beans Cafe Empty Bowl Project, if you would like to turn bowl blanks while demonstrating.

Demonstrators are encouraged to turn whatever project they like, and to promote safe practices while turning.

=>=>=>=> Visit this link to view the demonstration schedule or signup. <=<=<=<=

Benefits to demonstrators:

  • Turn with other turners, ask for woodturning tips give them if you think they are helpful.
  • It's nice to draw a crowd, and when you do, you know your doing something that really interests them.
  • Free parking and fair entry for the demonstrator.
  • Get a pat on the back for being an involved club member.

You may give projects away to fairgoers or keep them, the choice is yours. (We do ask you do not give away the green bowl blanks.)



2017 Fair Entries and Woodturning Demonstrations

It’s time to think about the Alaska State Fair! Be sure to enter some woodturnings in the Fair this year, as there are lots of categories to choose from. Limit is one per category. Visit the official Fair website here to learn about the categories for woodturning. Along with exhibit entries, sign up to demonstrate woodturning at the Fair. This year we will be using a great site called The schedule is easy to read on any device, and you can look at it in calendar form if you wish. Your name will appear on the list, but your personal information will not. You can choose to have it added to your calendar if you so wish. You can also download the club information for all demonstrators and a map of the fair grounds, pointing you to the Will Call booth where you can pick up your admittance and parking tickets. Be sure to sign up to demonstrate. We will be rough turning bowl blanks for our Bowls for Beans Project. You may turn some of these, or something else of your choice. All demonstrators must wear face shields as per our club policy. Visit this link to view the demonstration schedule or signup. If you need to be removed from the schedule, contact Martie Black at or 907-248-0432.